Recording Device - Approval Steps

  1. Manufacturer SDK must be provided.
  2. Recorder Approval will be based on Brand, Model and Firmware Version.
    1. For Example :
      1. Brand : #####
      2. Firmware : 5.3.2
  3. Recording Device firmware change or upgrading Required Re-certification.
  4. After certification of the recording devices will be listed as “Approved devices” in Video Guard site.(Brand, Model/Series, Firmware)

Video Management Software - Approval steps

  1. SDK must be Provided.
  2. The following information should be provided for Testing.
    1. Latest ( Updated ) VMS Software Version.
    2. Server with fully activated VMS installed.
  3. Re-Certification is required
    1. If VMS Upgraded, Updated and Correction Patch is applied.
  4. After certification ( VMS Brand , Software Version) will be listed in Video Guard site.

Alarm Integration IP Module - Approval Steps

  1. IP Module required for all alarm panel.
  2. IP Module should support “Standard Protocol, Ademco Contact ID / SIRA”.
  3. IP Module should support GPRS as Backup Functionality.

Test Requirement

  1. Recorder approval form has to be filled and submitted to
  2. Recorder with 2 to 4 Cameras has to be brought for testing
  3. The Recorder has to meet all the requirements as per the mandatory requirement
IP Module
  1. IP Module approval form has to be filled and submitted to
  2. Alarm control Panel programmed as per the test guideline with GSM backup
  3. Alarm IP Module has to be connected with control Panel , along with GPRS backup
  4. All the signals has to be given to both the CMS and video guard server
  5. The split signals are mandatory

Product Testing Location

Cadre Trainning Center - SIRA
Next to Dubai International Bowling Center, Near Century Mail,
44th Street, Al Mamzar, Dubai - United Arab Emirates.
Telephone : +971(0)4-288 7442